The Holidays Are Approaching

Treadmill Turkey

I’m sure this is not what you want to hear right now.  You are busy getting costumes picked out and ready for the little ones or putting up decorations for Halloween (the second favorite family-celebrated holiday, by the way!).  The last thing that you want to be reminded of is how quickly the holidays are approaching.

My intent is not to create stress but rather to encourage relaxation.  If you acknowledge the upcoming holidays now, before the chaos really hits, you are more apt to have control over your response to the frenetic feeling that often ensues with holidays.  Start small planning now so that your “to-do” list is not so overwhelming as you get closer to the holidays.  Give yourself goals to accomplish now, in October, so that late November and early December won’t be so hectic.  Get your Holiday card list organized and maybe even address the envelopes now!  Start creating a gift list for the people that you usually get gifts for and maybe start your shopping early this year!  Consider gifts of donations to causes that are near and dear to your heart in honor of one of your friends or family members (here’s one of my favorite causes).  Start planning your menus and dishes that you plan on bringing to events now so that you aren’t frazzled at the last minute.  And, perhaps most importantly, set aside time during the week for you.  Just you.  Create some down time so that you can take deep breaths and get centered and relaxed.  Taking those down time breaks will definitely increase your ability to focus, to handle stress and to increase your energy.  And, while the holidays usually mean lots of great food and drink, be mindful of your health.  Pace yourself with your intake of food and drink and set aside time to exercise regularly during this season.  Prove the statistics wrong and see if you can avoid the holiday pounds this year.  Keeping your oral health in excellent shape will help with your overall health as well.  Remember what your Mom always said…

“Everything in moderation”.

Don’t let the Holidays get you frustrated.  Take control of the situation now…ahead of the rush…so that you can enjoy and peaceful, relaxed and healthy Holiday Season!

If you have and questions about how your dental health affects your overall health, Family Dental Care Park Ridge would love to help.  Simply give us a call at 847.692.6800 or email us at 

And remember, as always…we LOVE making you smile! 

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Hi Claudia, so true and @Lori summed it up beautifully! As neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving are celebrated in Switzerland I am leading a happily stressless life, wait till December comes!

Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend, my dear friend!


What a great idea Claudia! Preparing for stress is bound to lessen the stress experienced!

Thanks for this!


ParkRidgeDDS moderator

Hi @Lori !!  Thank for stopping by and for your kind comment.  I hope that I am able to practice what I am preaching here ;-)  I'll keep you posted!



@ParkRidgeDDS  I think that's why they say we teach what we need to learn! Now we're accountable for what we taught ;-)