A Custom Pair of Dentures

A Custom Pair of Dentures

If you’ve struggled with advanced gum disease, or you have multiple teeth that have suffered from advanced tooth decay, chances are good you’ve lost some of the function of your mouth. Over time these issues tend to progress to the point where it has a significant negative impact on your quality of life, as well as your ability to chew food and speak clearly.

In a case like this Dr. Matthew Demas will often recommend having one or both sets of your teeth extracted in preparation for a custom set of dentures.

Dentures look and function like natural teeth, only they are set into a pink material that mimics natural gum tissues. Because the dentures are shaped from a direct impression of your mouth, they will fit tight the very first time you put them in. At the same time many denture wearers also like to use a little denture adhesive to both provide extra hold, while also helping to block out food particles from being trapped awkwardly along the gums.

Should any food particles work their way in, you should thoroughly rinse your dentures to clear them of food particles and residual adhesive. Drying them with a paper towel gives you a fresh clean surface to reapply new denture adhesive.

If you have multiple compromised teeth in your mouth and you’re curious if dentures are right for you, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Matthew Demas at (847) 692.6800 to schedule an appointment.