Gingivitis: What You Should Know

Gingivitis: What You Should Know

As most people know, gingivitis is something you should try to avoid. However, do you know what gingivitis actually is? Or what it can do to your teeth? Similarly, did you know that you could have it and not even know it?

Unfortunately, if plaque isn’t removed, it will eventually become tartar, which can build up at the base of your teeth. Tartar itself can lead to a number of problems, including irritated gums. But understand that if you ever have gingivitis, poor oral hygiene isn’t necessarily the reason. For instance, pregnancy, menopause, diabetes, a vitamin deficiency, and puberty can all make you more likely to have gingivitis.

However, please note that while tartar is one of the main causes of gingivitis, it can be very dangerous to remove on your own. Unlike plaque, tartar is a hard substance that should be removed by a dentist. In fact, if you try to remove tartar on your own, you could damage your teeth and your gums.

Similarly, if you try to treat gingivitis at home, you could actually be putting your health at risk. To treat gingivitis, you’ll need to remove plaque and tartar. If they aren’t removed correctly, you could develop infections, which can lead to a number of problems, especially if harmful bacteria makes its way into your bloodstream.

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