Restore Your Loss with Dentures for a Bigger, Better Smile

Restore Your Loss with Dentures for a Bigger, Better Smile

Have missing teeth? Are you interested in dentures? No matter what your oral health care needs are, we can assist you.

Restore your loss with dentures for a bigger, better smile. Consider the following:

– Dentures can be removed when necessary for easy cleaning and maintenance.

– If you have lost teeth, partial dentures can be used to restore a few teeth whereas complete dentures can be used to replace entire rows of teeth.

– Dentures are strong and durable, but they can be easily damaged when handling them, so exercise caution during removal.

– If you leave missing teeth unfilled, the voids can turn into safe houses for bacteria and can also destabilize your gums, which increases your risk for teeth moving out of position.

– Dentures will not fix teeth, but they can replace missing ones.

– Missing teeth will cause your jaw to deteriorate and weaken, thus making you look older and weaker than you truly are. Dentures can restore your facial structure and bring youth back into your smile.

If you are looking for denture treatments in Park Ridge, Illinois, Family Dental Care Park Ridge would love to help. For a more thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for you, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthew Demas by calling our dentist office at (847) 692.6800. A full smile is your first step to a brighter, healthier lifestyle that can improve your life for many years to come.