Sometimes Dental Attrition Can Be Treated with a Dental Filling

Sometimes Dental Attrition Can Be Treated with a Dental Filling

Dental attrition is a slowly developing condition that starts to affect the tooth enamel of a specific tooth, when it meets its partner in your bite pattern at an unnatural angle. It is rarely evident in the early stages. However, if you do notice a change in texture or sensitivity on the surface of one of your teeth, you need to have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Matthew Demas.

If it is caught early. We might be able to repair a small area of dental attrition by applying a standard dental filling. This treatment can typically be performed in a single outpatient appointment and requires only minimal numbing.

Once you’re comfortable, we will use a special dental drill to remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel from the affected surface. This will to prepare the necessary surface to bond the dental filling. The specific material that we select for the dental filling will be based on its prevalence in your smile.

Composite dental fillings are often a good option for repairing an area of dental attrition that appears in your smile. They are made from a dental grade resin material that can be shaded to match the color and tone of the surrounding tooth enamel. After shading and applying the dental filling, we will use a special ultraviolet light to harden it and secure the dental filling’s bond with the healthy tooth enamel.

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