Dental Sealants

We are pleased to feature a variety of services designed to help you protect your smile and prevent dental damage and disease. One of these treatments is dental sealants, which involves placing a small protective coating on vulnerable parts of your molars. These coatings act as a protective barrier, shielding the tooth from decay and damage. While sealants are often recommended for younger patients, people of all ages can benefit from sealants. 

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Our dentists recommend that you use a protective mouthguard if you engage in contact sports or other similar activities. Mouthguards can help you prevent injury to your teeth while you play the sports you love. 
Our dentist and team are dedicated to keeping your smile healthy and free from discomfort. To help us do this, we provide several types of mouthguards at our office. For our athletic patients, we often recommend a type of mouth guard called an athletic mouth guard or sports guard. 
Sports guards fit over your teeth while you play sports and participate in other athletic activities to protect your smile from injury. Sports guards are especially important for our patients who play high-contact sports such as wrestling, football, hockey, and rugby; however, all types of athletes can benefit from an athletic mouthguard. Whether you play soccer, basketball, or baseball, a sports guard can be a great way to protect your smile and keep it safe.

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While a number of types of athletic mouthguards are available, a custom-made mouthguard is the most effective in protecting your smile. This type of mouthguard is designed to comfortably fit your smile and prevent dental injury, such as knocked out and chipped teeth. A sports guard can also help to prevent injury to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, lips, cheeks, and gums.
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